February 2018 

Morgan Vessle & Keegan Van Gorder  /  Morgan Keegan Institute | Philadelphia PA


Morgan Vessle explores themes of tradition, memory, story, domestic ceremonies, and home.  

She is interested in preserving and documenting stories that have been passed down in family & others lives. These ideas have been explored in automata as well as in zines and prints.  The other side of her practice relates even more to a desire to make tangible work, through functional craft - as a weaver, seamstress and bag maker.

Keegan Van Gorder  loves to bring attention to the sweetness of awkward moments and unflattering body shapes in illustrative work. She uses humor to talk about experiences and reminds us of the tender charm in forgotten and underrated happenings. Her illustrative work can freeze an important memory or event and hold for observation and reflection.

Morgan Keegan Institute  /  MKI  is the combined work of Vessle and Van Gorder, through their work they explore Ceremony. By creating ceremony together they focus on valuing an experience for the sake of it without set up  for consumer entertainment or the aim of documenting.   Their ceremonies have included people watching ceremonies, beer drinking ceremonies, appreciation ceremonies, nail clipping ceremonies, abandoned pool laying ceremonies, weird movement ceremonies and food yelling ceremonies.

UPDATE: During their time at MakeRoom Vessle and Van Gorder focused on Ceremony - they created a frozen lake at midnight ceremony and conceived a ceremony subscription offering. Plus they baked lots of bread, were featured in a local newspaper and have since moved from Philadelphia to the city of Minneapolis MN.

March 2018

Jordan Jirschele |  Menomonie WI


Jordan Jirschele focuses on work which often takes the form of autobiographical fables. 

His complex narratives embody personal history and beliefs, and are manifested through hybrid interests in biology, science fiction, mythology, language and psychology. Subtle clues are often woven into and around his work, allowing for various levels of discovery.  He highly values the experience of art and aims to immerse and engage audiences. Line variation and contrast, material explorations, observational drawings, and surface-level visual seduction are all utilized in his work.

UPDATE: During his time at MakeRoom Jirschele focused on a body of work that utilized a common material traditionally not seen in fine art, drywall. He fashioned geometric canvasses out of the material and focused daily on the evolution of their surfaces. Additionally, he was interviewed and prominently featured in an article about short term artist residencies in the Star Tribune. He is currently enrolled at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque pursuing a masters of fine art in sculpture.