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Is the MakeRoom Artist Residency free?

Yes, the residency is completely free. It includes 10-days of free lodging and free daily breakfast. As well as a simple, no-fee application process.

Does the artist residency include airfare or any transportation?

No, it does not. But the location is very well served by public transit and close to MPS airport.

How will I get around Minneapolis and the Twin Cities?

The Twin Cities offers many forms of transportation including a light rail system and a large network of public buses. 

The Metro Transit number 7 route (bus) is less than a one minute walk from my front door. The Metro Transit Blue Line (light rail) offers 2 stations which are about 12 to 15 minutes walking from my house - the Lake St/Midtown and the 38th Street stations respectively. 

If you arrive with your own vehicle there is plenty of safe and free parking directly in front of my house. 

Of course there are also car share (Lyft and Uber) and car for hire possibilities.

How long and in-depth is the application process?

The application is rather simple, with only about 12 questions and the requirement to provide examples of your work and three references. Applicants simply fill out an on-line form and provide a link to their website or other social media. Most working artists will be able to complete the application in under 20 minutes. For real, it really is simple.

What is MakeRoom anyhow?

MakeRoom is the name I have given to my creative output. It is the name I have given to my ideas and creations - be that a piece of pottery, a light fixture, a party, an interior or even an artist residency. To understand it even further go to the ABOUT page.

Why does MakeRoom offer an artist residency?

 I find  joy and fulfillment when I connect with other creatives, it keeps me inspired. Offering an artist residency gives me the opportunity to foster community and cultivate a more intentional life. 

As a designer, maker, artist and Airbnb host, I wanted to create an opportunity to open my home up to other creatives. To support the work of interesting people and to share conversations and interactions with others of a similar mindset. It’s all simple really – I have an available guestroom and I want to extend it to creative and engaging individuals.

Why is the artist residency offered to individuals who live and work outside the Twin Cities of Minnesota?

By inviting artists who live and work outside of the Twin Cities I believe a cross pollination of viewpoints and conceptions will take place. Both visiting artists and the Twin Cities will be enriched with the exposure of new ideas and expressions. 

Artists who take advantage of the residency will have access to the rich and varied creative cultural opportunities which they may not have available in their own locations. The Twin Cities also will benefit greatly from the input of new minds.

The residency is offered as a way to get away from one’s normal routine, to take a break and to focus or to concentrate and produce new work. By offering the residency to artists who don’t live in the Twin Cities it is my hope that unwinding will be easier as one will be less likely to stay engaged with their typical routine.

Why is the residency offered to either one OR two artists?

The guestroom features a pair of twin beds so there is space for two people. It is well suited to artists who are already working in a collaborative capacity. The residency will not be offered to a pair who are not already known to each other.

What does it mean to participate and collaborate on marketing efforts while in residency?

Artists will be asked to participate by posting to their social media and other similar accounts while in residency as a way of sharing the opportunity with their network/followers. Additionally, artists should be willing to be photographed and their work documented during their stay so content can be added to MakeRoom social media outlets.

Does the residency provide tools, materials or work space?

No, there are no tools, materials, supplies, or studio space provided. The MakeRoom Artist Residency is not intended for actual studio work. Rather, think if it as a ‘time and space’ residency that allows one to take a break, to work and rest, to create and inspire. It allows artists to work out ideas, focus on their projects in an uninterrupted way or to simply take a break from their usual environment to gain clarity and perspective. Think of it as a self-led creative-focused retreat that is all about you. You'll make it what you want it to be. 

If there are no tools or work space provided what can an artist do?

Sketch, draw, write, ideate, nap, restore, take a break, network, get inspired, design, dream, think, read, research, photograph, paint, discover new architecture, take walks, go to museums, meet people, take advantage of the Twin Cities creative arts culture and other stuff to be determined by you.

Does the residency include meals?

It includes a daily, free, self-service breakfast but does not include lunch or dinner. There is a full kitchen which guests are welcome to use. It also includes a welcome dinner.

What does the free self-serve breakfast include?

Coffee and tea, as well as a combination of some or all of the following; fresh fruit, granola, milk, yoghurt, bread/toast, preserves, nut butter, other.

What is the deal with the welcome dinner?

This is a no-pressure, casual dinner which will allow artists resident(s) to get to know their host and, for me to hear a bit about your work. It’s just a nice way to welcome you to Minneapolis and to my home. I would like to offer the dinner either the first night of your arrival or the following evening, whatever works best. 

What if I have some dietary restrictions?

Accommodations can be made within reason.

Is there a kitchen?

Yes, the kitchen in my home is available for your complete use. It is  fully stocked with cookware and serving ware. It even features a tea kettle. The kitchen will be shared with me (your host ) as I use it daily.

It should also be noted that a large 24-hour grocery store is very near by. Additionally, a Target store, coffee shop, bookstore, restaurants and small art-house theater are close by as well.

What is the deal with the presentation reception?

Part of the requirement for the artist residency is to attend a presentation reception. This is a casual event held in my home attended by supportive friends and guests with the artist resident(s) as the ‘featured guest’. Think of it as a house party, in your honor. There will be food and drink, interesting people and conversation and the hope that you will share some of your work and talk about it. The presentation can be as formal or as casual as you decide it to be. Talks, lecture, Q&A and workshops are all appropriate styles. Maybe a combination of them.  It’s meant to be a fun, interesting and engaging evening, not a pressured one. 

What are the lodging facilities?

The residency includes your own private room with a pair of twin beds and all the features to make for a comfortable stay. See the MakeRoom website STAY page for images and more information related to the actual room.

What does it mean to add work to the MakeRoom archives?

The MakeRoom archive is simply a collection of work that has been gathered via (the generous gifts of) visiting artists. It is up to each individual artist as to what they decide to give to the archive. The MakeRoom archive is literally an archival container (about the size of a very large shoebox). Donated works must be of a size and proportion to fit into such a container. Examples include manuscripts, books, works on paper, poems, drawings, paintings, photographs, small sculptures or other. 

What is Minneapolis like in Winter?

Most people think of only the cold and snow during Minnesota winters. While it is cold and there is snow, there is also a vibrant creative scene, even in the winter. The museums and galleries continue to offer great exhibits and programming. Minnesotans tend to be rather proud of their hearty nature and ability to enjoy life in the middle of a cold snap. So, the nightlife and the cultural offerings don’t shut down in winter. There are winter festivals, snowshoeing and cross country skiing opportunities. In fact - there is an art event called Art Shanties that promotes creative collaboration via the use of traditional ice fishing shanties, on a frozen lake. If you’re lucky enough to be here during Art Shanty time you really should check it out. It’s great fun!!

But really, what is Minneapolis like in Winter?

It’s like really cold and frozen and blanketed in snow. It makes for the perfect environment to stay inside and work on your ideas, generate new notions and focus on what one wants to during an artist residency.

What does it mean to collaborate and participate in marketing the MakeRoom artist residency?

Individuals who are selected for the artist residency will be asked to assist in simple efforts to market the program. This may include: allowing work in progress photos to be posted to social media, being interviewed by local media, adding your experience of the residency to your social media, sharing your experience with others via social/other media and generally promoting MakeRoom though your personal networks.